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Fall – Andi Herzog [Living Music]

Living Music is my debut album. In many respects.

When I was working on this album Iíve been exposed to songwriting for the first time. Iíve written the songs Dreams, Fall, All Night, Wake Up and Let Go. Recording the singers has been a premiere for me as well. Iím very satisfied with this album. I see it as a mirror of myself.

From production to mastering everything was done by myself. Features on this album are Nadine Meusburger, Jenny Wolf, Linda Herzog and Regina Wolf.

The album sits in the genre of electronic music for the most part and is offering songs in styles from House to Dubstep. This album is a balanced mix of soft and hard instrumented songs.

This album reflects my personal thoughts and experiences from the production time of 2013-2014.

As Iím mostly producing Hip-Hop and R&B I wanted this album to be a proof for my skills in the genre of electronic music. Iím amazed by the reactions to this album and Iím always happy to hear listenerís thoughts.

This is not a typical EDM-album. This is something unique and independent.

This is Living Music.

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