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First Listen: Rising producer Ari delivers tropical house/pop crossover ‘All That I’ve Waited For’ : Dancing Astronaut

If rising producer Ari isn’t on your radar yet, that might be about to change with the drop of the up-and-coming beatmaker’s latest original work, “All That I’ve Waited For.” Linking with former lead singer of pop-punk outfit Sing It Loud, Pat Brown and tropical house producer Ryan Lofty, the mysterious Ari delivers a poolside-primed taste of his infectious pop that’s bound for heavy rotation throughout the summer.

The track opens with Brown’s nostalgic vocals over glimmering house synths and breezy percussion rhythms. Building with a singalong-ready hook and snapping into a soft, grooving tropical break, Ari drops off a sundrenched lyrical hit on “All I’ve Waited For,” that’ll undoubtedly pull listeners back for extended repeated listening. Inevitably, this one’s going to be a profile-raising step for the virtually unknown producer — we may have a new anonymous hitmaker on the scene as Ari shows what he’s made of on his latest.

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