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FLØRALS – Say Something feat. MNYS [Free Download]

My first love will always be bass music, but at the end of the day, after a long day of work, it’s the last thing that I want. Instead, something downtempo and melodic is the perfect remedy. When I’m in the mood to wind down instead of turn up, I need a song like “Say Something” to put me in the right head space.

Produced by FLØRALS and featuring MNYS, “Say Something” is an innocent little piece that breaks open your shell layer by layer. The soft pads in the beginning lure you into a state of relaxation, letting your breathing even out and pulse drop… whereas the drop isn’t jarring, but instead conjures images of running through fields of flowers with a dear friend. It’s almost childlike in the sounds it puts forth.

The vocals from MNYS take extra care to not jar or irritate, lest the illusion be broken and the shell rebuild itself.

Overall, it’s the perfect song to put on when you come into the house, set your things down, maybe put a kettle on the stove… just sit down and relax and let the soothing sounds carry you away to bliss.

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