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Florida’s nightlife and music community speaks in wake of Orlando massacre

With the horror and tragedy of the shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub just weeks behind us, movers in Florida’s music and nightlife community have come together to preach a message of peace, empowerment, and positivity. Whether they find their own strength through music, friendship, family, or communal experiences, each has offered a few words to remind us that in the face of hatred and terror, we should never stop dancing.


“Orlando is my hometown..not only is is my hometown but it’s where I started the journey of producing music and DJ’ing. It breaks my heart that the hate & anger of one individual can have such a large impact on the lives of 100 people, their families, the community & the world at large. I hope that we won’t let a senseless act of violence divide us. I hope that mourning through connecting with one another, reaching out, whether it’s in person, through a computer screen or on a dance floor, can remind us that above all else, regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender, religion, we are united by the fact that we are human.”

– Dallas K



“The power we grant ourselves once we unite will always be immensely more significant than anything those who try to terrorize do. Together, we cannot be defeated. I hope those affected may some day find peace.”

– Adam Cruz of Cocodrills

“We are deeply saddened by this horrible tragedy, a tragedy that hits close to home for us. We stand with our friends and family of the LBGT community and ask everyone to stand with us. Love is love and we pray for more love, tolerance and understanding around the world. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to the victims and their families.”

– Pridef of Cocodrills

Robbie Rivera


“The dance music community will continue to grow and not be discouraged by horrible acts against us. We are strong and our music surpasses any type of hate or violence. Music is love and love is life.”

– Robbie Rivera



“Every day, and especially days like these, we must put our trust and faith in God. I pray that we find peace. There is no place for hatred in our society. We must love more.”

– Oscar G



“Music is a universal language; one with every color. It brings us together, and unites us all as one. Even during times of trouble, souls will live on in life through the music. We must all remember that even when an enemy attacks, we should continue to pursue the passions of our lives, becoming stronger than ever, and remembering how our communities shape us. For example, I think of the social connections and memories created through nightlife, and how special they are to me. These memories last for all of eternity, and the greatest act of surrender would be to allow anyone to take that away. We stand stronger than ever.”

– Eche Palante

David Solano


“What happened in Orlando was absolutely devastating. I was raised in south Florida so this is very close to home. We cannot succumb to the ideologies of such extreme groups, we cannot let them shake our beliefs of love, which is what makes us strongest and helps us move towards a better world. This is a time to come together, no matter your religious beliefs, no matter your race, sexual preference or origin. It’s time people to stand together, it’s time to show the world that cowards cannot shake our way of life. It’s time for all of us to rise up.”




“When a tragedy like this happens it’s not a time for opinions on gun control or on spreading more hate. It’s time for us to come together as people and focus on spreading love. It’s the hate that is projected into the universe which causes these kinds of events to happen over and over again. Our heart goes out to the victims and their families. May they rest in peace; we’re praying for a solution to prevent these kinds of tragedies in the future.”

– Paperwater



“Our deepest emotions of love are with the victims and the families of the tragedy in Orlando. It is our hope that you find peace amidst the chaos, we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters as we are all affected by these acts of violence. Remember our love together as a community will see us to brighter days. Have no fear as we are empowered by our faith in one another and by our love for each other. Our hearts think of you with every beat, remember you are not alone, we are not alone. From Miami with love.”

– Trade & Link Miami Rebels



“We stand with our nightlife brothers and sisters in Orlando in the face of terror- the love and inclusiveness our scene has will win over hate!”

– Club Space Miami



“As DJ’s and producers, our goal is to impact people. We can’t force anyone to like our music. The only thing we can control is ourselves. Simple concept, but certainly applies here. In the wake of last week’s shooting, what I think we all need to remember is that our actions can change the way people think. We all have the power to impact the world around us, good or bad. As corny as that sounds, it’s the truth. It’s just a choice. Love is a choice. Hate is a choice. Doing the right thing is a choice… it’s time we all start looking a little deeper and choosing the right way.

Choose to help. Choose to accept. Choose to protect. Choose to take responsibility for yourself. Choose to be kind. Choose to put your agenda aside. Choose to make the people around you happy… or in the words of Major Lazer, “peace is the mission.” Because at the end of the day, we’re all just people trying to live happy lives. We’re all going to die one day, so what’s the point in fighting if you can choose love?

If nothing changes, then nothing changes. So whether it’s the election, the status of the economy, the role models we choose support, or even the shit we post on social media, it’s up to us to act right. Let Orlando always remind us that we have that choice, and we choose to love.”

– Chris Bushnell



“There is no color, gender or religion in music! It’s always been and always will be a message of love. Even more so, where I come from, my culture stems from Burning Man where everyone is equal and this is what we present at Do Not Sit On The Furniture in Miami. Only love, no hatred. We all unite as one on the dance floor and stand strong against hatred and negativity!”

– Behrouz



“We are all Aliens living in Space; the Human Kind still needs help learning to be Free. The enlightened and awake, like myself, will fight to set the others free. Thank you Universe for your help. Lots of light, love and strength to the victims and victims’ families.”

– Otto Von Schrirach


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