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Four Tet shares mysterious track

Looks can be deceiving. Sounds, on the other hand, are pretty straightforward. So stands Four Tet‘s latest Spotify mystery. Just last week, Kieran Hebdan uploaded a new track to his pinned Spotify playlist named with various emoji and unknown symbols. While it’s not clear what the track is named on first glance, it’s clear after listening that its labeled alien language is of ethereal relation to its sound.

Much of the same genre-melding techniques and otherworldly incorporation of sounds suggest this is none other than Hedban himself. Continuing to explore texture, layered instrumentation and various moods in his music, the latest mystery tune follows up July’s “Two Thousand And Seventeen” and the sublime later tune “Planet,” which dropped just this month. If the stylistic approach to the track isn’t convincing enough, a Pitchfork reader appears to have cracked the code. It appears the track is “The Reservoir,” which appeared on last year’s Randoms compilation. Why Hebdan uploaded it now and under the gibberish moniker is another mystery entirely.

H/T: DJ Mag

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