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Fritz Carlton debuts on Desert Hearts Records with ‘That’s My Kinda Night’ EP

Desert Hearts has been making some serious headway with their eponymous bi-annual festival, but equally impressive is their growing imprint, Desert Hearts Records. The 13th release on the label finds LA upstart Fritz Carlton channeling some mind-bending house grooves for his two-track EP, That’s My Kinda Night.

The self-described ‘weirdo house’ producer has been causing a ruckus in the LA underground, and his latest release shows exactly what the hype is about. The title track features the kind of spastic percussion and wonky sound design that has become a staple of Carlton’s sound. With a simple, yet effective vocal hook on top, it’s a potent dancefloor concoction in the making. The second track finds Fritz alongside long-time friend and collaborator Lubelski for an equally as bewildering cut titled “Doses.” With a stripped down bassline and creepy string of substance-repping lyrics, it’s the kind of minimalistic formula that translates significantly well over a full club or festival system.

The EP is available for free download here.

Photo Credit: Juliana Bernstein (Get Tiny Photography)


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