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Gareth Emery Explains the Real Reason He’s Cutting Back On Touring

Gareth Emery is straightening up his priorities, and cutting back on his performance…

“One of the most common things I read on socials is ‘please come to this city!!’ And I wanted to be totally fucking honest about why I just don’t tour like I used to,” the superstar DJ got real in a social post of his own.

Time is too precious and the reality is he wants more time with his family, little girl, and Game of Thrones.

“These days I’ll either do a show because it looks seriously fun or interesting, like a mad country I’ve never been to or an insane festival OR (and most DJs won’t be this honest) because it pays a shit load. Hey, I have bills like us all haha,” he explained.

While it’s not the best news for some of his fans, it is the best choice for him and his family. But, to make up for less time spent on the road, he will be pouring more time into his production, making shows more predetermined and extra special from now on.

“The upside is more time at home = more time in the studio and working on fun projects.”

Just check out the cute photo of his ridiculously adorable daughter and you’ll totally understand…

One of the most common things I read on socials is “please come to this city!!” And I wanted to be totally fucking…

Posted by Gareth Emery on Friday, August 11, 2017


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