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Grant – Wake Up feat. Jessi Mason [Monstercat]

Grant has lost his bowtie. After over a year of no music hiatus and minimal social media updates, the American prodigy is back and better than ever. “Wake Up” is the first release from Grant – formerly Grant Bowtie – since 2015’s “High Tide,” and it’s quite possibly the biggest comeback we’ve seen this year.

Grant will always have a special place in my heart, and that can be partially accredited to his debut “Reach,” which was the opener to Ascension, my favorite Monstercat compilation. Grant was under no obligation to completely blow my expectations with a new single, yet he did anyway.

The retiring of “Bowtie” is more than just symbolic in Grant’s case. In fact, it marks the beginning of a new era, the adaptation of a more mature production sound. “Wake Up” maintains the smoothness that Grant’s early singles had, while also adopting some seriously wacky layers in the track’s drop. “Wake Up” is also Grant’s first ever vocal collaboration, featuring the NYC-based singer/songwriter Jessi Mason.

To simply gloss over this one would be a huge mistake. Take your time and let “Wake Up” take you on the auditory trip of a lifetime.

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