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Hannah Wants Talks New Label Etiquette & Single “Close To You” [INTERVIEW]

Hannah Wants is on top of her game and it’s easy to hear it — with her single “Close To You” fresh off her brand new record label, Etiquette.

Having established herself as one of the biggest names in dance music, the DJ/producer has consistently delivered on an impressive collection of dance records. She has rocked her own BBC Radio 1 residency and headlined countless clubs and festivals across the world. Running a record label is an intuitive next step that only cements her impact on the industry thus far.

Hannah’s newly launched imprint Etiquette serves as the outlet for her latest release. The six-plus-minute journey packaged as “Close To You” shows off a mature soundscape, but packs much edge. Soon enough, Hannah will follow up with another self-release, “You Keep Comin,” before continuing the exciting wave of new music from a carefully curated roster of artists.

“Close To You” and previously released “Bamboozle” are just the beginning. Etiquette aims to champion established and up-and-coming artists alike, bridging the gap between the house scene and the bass world. With a majestic career already under her belt, the launch of Etiquette introduces a new facet to her enduring connection to dance music.

But, don’t take it from us, listen, link up and read our full chat with Hannah Wants below. She talks everything Etiquette, the current state of dance music, and offers advice for aspiring producers everywhere. We’re all ears.

Hannah Wants – Close To You

How long have you been dreaming of your own label?

Running my own record label is something I’ve always wanted to achieve but I’m a big believer in things happening at the right time, now definitely feels like the right time and I’m super excited to embark on the new venture!

Which types of artists and music do you hope to expose through your new label? 

Etiquette’s music policy will run under the umbrella ‘House & Bass’ — supporting bass influenced sub genres of house music. Etiquette will not only be a platform for me to release what I believe to be my strongest music to date, it will also champion both up and coming producers as well as already established names in the game. 

Why the name Etiquette?

For me the music industry has its own Etiquette, its own code of behaviour. Things that go down in a club / music environment wouldn’t necesarily go down the same in a retail store or office block. This label is for the house music lovers out there. This is our industry, our code of behaviour, our Etiquette. We wanna celebrate good music and build together. 

Tell us about your new single, “Close To You,” out via Etiquette…

Close To You, just like 90% of the music I make, is built for the dance floor. The vocal represents just a little something something I was going through at the time and the groove on the bassline is one of my personal favourites so far, it’s a track I’m super happy with! I’ve been playing Close To You in my sets for a couple of months now and it really has been working the floor well, got me super hyped for the release!

What’s your advice for aspiring producers seeking to be picked up by a label?

Be patient, don’t rush and quality over quantity always. Once music gets signed and released it’s out there for the world to hear, forever so make sure you’re the most proud of the work. There’s a few tracks of mine that if I could, I’d ‘un-release’ that shit and get it removed from my back cat. Always lessons learned!

And best advice for those who hope to start their own label?

Again don’t rush, gain the right expertise because a job isn’t worth doping unless it’s executed properly and professionally in my opinion. With new labels popping up all the time it’s very important to nail your brand — it’s gotta be solid and unique. Oh and sign great music, obviously. 

What’s the underlying factor you can attribute to your massive success? 

I guess you could say I’m an extremely determined individual. When I set out with my goal to become a DJ 12 or so years ago now I’ve remained fully focused and worked hard to achieve to my goals. Consistency is key.

What do you find most interesting / exciting about the current dance music scene?

I love the diversity of the dance music scene, I always have. I also love the way music changes and moulds over the months and years. The stuff I played and made 2,3,4,5 years ago is quite different to the music I play and make now and I love the way artists and sounds get to evolve over time. As someone who loves and plays tech house, house, bass influenced house, and techno I think there’s some really strong music out there at the moment and I can’t wait to see what the next 6/12 months hold.

Shoutout some other labels that you dig the most!

Snatch! Toolroom. Sola. Relief.


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