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[HD] Diplo – Revolution (YoshiFan Remix)

Listen on SoundCloud! (Instrumental available)

Keep in mind that you will get a Content ID match (no monetization + possible ads on your video) because of the vocals. You might want to consider using the instrumental in your videos.

This was not intended to be a full song, that’s why it sounds incomplete and is basically just a remake (in my style) of the SEAN&BOBO remix of Revolution.

Video rendered in After Effects CC 2014
Logo art source:

[SoundCloud description]

Based on SEAN&BOBO’s remix of the same song.

I only wanted to mess around with FL Studio and simply make the melody, but I accidentally made a remix… I guess… That’s why it kinda sounds unfinished…

Sample sources (in order of appearance)
Angry Birds Theme Song (by Ari Pulkkinen) [flute(?) sample]
Diplo – Revolution (SEAN&BOBO Remix) [with equalizer to minimize bass/a bit of treble]
Diplo – Revolution (Acapella)
Note (iOS by Apple)
Tri-tone (iOS by Apple) [pitch -2]
Leonard (from The Angry Birds Movie, voiced by Bill Hader) [“Unbelievable”/”We’re gonna come in again”]

The instrumental features the same samples, excluding both versions of Revolution.

Cover art background source

Software used: FL Studio 11, Audacity

Use with credit. Permission is optional, but recommended.

All rights belong to their respective owners.

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