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Hear a Reworked Kimbra Track that Skrillex Co-Wrote, Now with Snoop Dogg

Earlier this year, Kimbra released her new album Primal Heart. The album track “Top of the World” featured Skrillex as a co-writer and producer. Now, a reworked version of that track has released with everyone’s favorite Snoop Dogg.

First things first: this is pretty much the same song, but with Snoop Dogg added on top. That’s not an inherently a bad thing—it’s still common for pop songs to receive “remixes” with just a rap verse layered on top, for example. Skrillex’s influence remains as noticeable as ever; pitched vocal splices, a jungle, almost dancehall beat and catchy lyrics. Snoop adds a perfectly serviceable verse, so that’s good we guess? We’re curious if Skrillex was involved in the rework production, but either way it adds a unique side to the original track.

Listen to the reworked version of “Top of the World” with Snoop Dogg below:

Cover Photo: Rukes

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