Eat Sleep EDM


How to make an EDM Anthem (intro) using Hardwell’s presets (1080p)

In this video we are making an epic melody which sounds more classical and it’s good for anthemic songs. it can be used as intro followed by a more mainstream drop.
00:38________making the first melody

05:00________making the pluck melody

07:25________making the melody awsome

09:45________making the mid bass melody

12:58________adjusting the frequencies

18:15________making the pad melody

21:28________adding a tom

25:38________the final loop
See the headphones I use:
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Also support on: Apple Music, Rdio, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music, Microsoft Groove, and Beats/MediaNet.
Download the cidechain Love Filter preset:
Download the cidechain Love Filter preset:
Download the scale midi:
(To change the key, press ctrl+a in piano roll to select all the notes, grab a D note and move it, along with all the notes which are selected, to the key you want.)
The awesome mouse interactive image-application is from:
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