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Jameston Thieves – Cookie Butter EP [Uprise Music]

Finally, Jameston Thieves is back, and this time he’s stolen our minds for good. Titled Cookie Butter, this latest release from the sacked robber touts itself as an EP for the sweet-toothed, exploring the realms of experimental bass house in all its savory glory.

Curdling from the start with crunchy grime rolls and a sauntering vocal, “Wonder” is a brilliant beginning to this refreshing collection, but the real salivating begins with the metallic horrors presented in “Circadian Rhythm.” The eclectic melodies and piercing percussion bounce around in a sonic vacuum, making for a track that’s going to slay at-home vibe outs and live settings alike.

Continuing along, “Shottahs” takes up the mantle as the EP’s third track, and more candied emojis sprinkled atop cinna-spiced wubs are in order. The arrangement throws down immense schizophrenic snarls which chase their own tails amongst a haunted backdrop, and it’s

Lastly, regarding “Back In It,” all I have to say is demented power tools…

Feast your ears below on some of the gnarliest bass house we’ve heard since it first gripped our throats back in early 2015. If you feel so inclined (which you should), snag Jameston Thieves’ Cookie Butter for your own collection via iTunes.

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