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Justin Bieber ft. Skrillex – Children | ANTI-BULLYING Music Video

(1080 HD√) A music video that follows 4 students through a battle with physical, verbal & cyber bullying, & showcases 3 ways you can intervene to stop bullying! ⚠️ Contains the “b****” word ⚠️
Ross Budgen – Solstice (end credits music)

Thank you so so much to my friends, classmates and teachers for starring in this film!

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Track – Justin Bieber – Children (Prod. Skrillex)
Programs used: Final Cut Pro (for arrangement and the coloration)

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Please know that I do not appreciate my videos being reposted. I’d prefer that after countless hours of work, they stay exclusive to the JuliaEditz channel. There are no exceptions to this unless you are a collaborator and it is something we have both worked on.*

* However, I TOTALLY welcome re-edits of my footage, fan edits, and usage of my special effects in other people’s films! 🙂 Re-editing footage and using it for artistic/commentary/teaching purposes is much different than blatantly reposting an entire video as it is. You may use my footage in your films if you need, as long as you give credit to the original source JuliaEditz! Don’t know how to properly give credit? Check out one of my lyrics videos and notice how I list off direct links and channel links to all of the PNGs or green-screen videos I used, and use that format! 🙂

Thank you so so much, Love, JuliaEditz!

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