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Kaskade Keeps It Real, Keeps It “Tight” with New Party Track [MUST LISTEN]

Kaskade keeps it real with a brand new release with Madge called “Tight,” just in time for the weekend. It’s a party track and a dance floor heater, but it’s so much more — this is our latest obsession.

“Tight” starts off with subtle, seductive sounds, leading the production straight into a thumping house beat. The lyrics say it all, as this number is destined for the club. Then, that unexpected sounder kicks in, triggering the uncontrollable booty shakes.

This track is seriously a ball of fun, and a prime example that sometimes less is more. Really simple productions can be infectious when done right, which Kaskade does. Though “Tight” runs just 3 minutes long, it’s in no hurry, keeps its cool, and is that much more repeatable by nature.

In the club all night
See me under the light
And you’re gonna do it right
If you keep it real, keep it tight

Kaskade – “Tight” with Madge


Photo via Demian Becerra for Life Is Beautiful

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