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Keep up with all the new releases with ‘DA’s’ NMF Roundup : Dancing Astronaut

nelson’s “voyage” revels in cinematic synth work, effectively steering listeners in the direction of the “replay” button.

Featured vocalist RUNN supplies a soprano range that complements William Black & Matte‘s “Take Me.” Metallic synths guide the single upwards in an upbeat tonal trajectory.

It’s all hands on the decks for Will Sparks‘ most recent joint effort. “Flakka Flakka” sees Luciana and Dave Aude pack a collaborative punch alongside Sparks on the single, one that is not without a few sonic plot twists.

Future bounce fanatics need look no further than 3an’s “Future.” The single harnesses an unmistakable energy further amplified by  siren sound effects, looping shout vocal cuts, and rounded synth work.

Just when you thought you couldn’t groove any harder to this Daft Punk classic, Capital People come through with a deep house rework of “One More Time.”

Deep constructions chug steadily forth on Mightyfools & SLVR‘s bass ornamented collaboration, “Party Muv.” Rife with trumpeting high notes and contrasting gritty bass moments that ground the track, “Party Muv” is a particularly strong showing from Mightyfools & SLVR.

Remixers just wanna have “Fun” in the studio. House producer Monotape accordingly romps around on his revamp of Kaskade, BROHUG, and Mr. Tape‘s “Fun,” putting forth a rhythmically rich dance floor filler.

DROELOE take a reflective lyrical turn on “Looking Back,” a single that the electronic duo describes as a conceptual reminiscence about the “roller coaster ride” the past year “has been.”

When listeners need that “Fire,” Draper is their messiah. The piano driven heater derives much of its firepower from the potency of featured artist Gigi’s vocal contribution.

Riggi & Piros hit a sentimental stride on “Miss Me,” a synth heavy single that provides a retrospective platform for Rielle to show off her vocal chops.

tyDi allies with London Thor on mellifluous melodic house offering, “It Will Be Okay.” Masterfully constructed instrumentation effects a ambient tonal tranquility classic of a tyDi production.

Island inspo is evident in Showtek‘s latest single, a breezy guitar grounded number that blends the song’s tropical tempo with pop personality in its vocal moments, sung by Starley and Wyclef Jean.

The impeccable harmonizing of vocals and guitar melody at the intro of “Running Out Of Time” set listeners up for quite the sonic surprise when Neo Noir introduce the single’s downward cascading synth work later in the track.

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