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Kustrell & Anna Buckley – Newborn (Original Mix)

Since its emergence and metamorphosis over the decades, electronic dance music has earned its place in the mainstream. While still staying true to it’s underground origins, EDM is escalating in popularity among music fans due to a new movement orchestrated by trendsetting disc jockeys, singers, songwriters, and producers. Artists such as Kustrell & Anna Buckley are now poised to usher in a new era of industry-leading sounds. Just on the heels of their latest release “Newborn”, Kustrell & Anna Buckley have unleashed a decidedly, delicious treat for their fans. The single is a trendsetting fusion of tech-savvy sounds and vocal radiance.

“Newborn”, the perfect album for both EDM veterans and neophytes alike, is a blissful journey into a world of sound and electronically, striking imagery. The digital dose of high-tech syncopated rhythms, and sophisticated electronic beats produce an irresistible sound that is hard to duplicate. Employing the rich vocals of songstress Anna Buckley, the track is evocative of a NERO hit. EDM lovers will quickly gravitate towards the classic dance vocals that Anna serves on the track.

Buckley’s sweet, sultry vocals will entrance fans much like Natalie Horler on “Evacuate The Dancefloor while inspiring fans to elevate playback levels to full-bass mode. She delivers flirty lyrics with spotless accuracy while engaging fans with relevant songwriting content. Combined with the pulsating beats and synths, the song reveals the inner-workings of a carefully crafted electronic dance record.  The track is an energetic blast of popular special effects, and musical illusions merged strategically to provide a sharp mainstream fusion.

The song will undoubtedly have astronomical staying power while reigning supreme on the global dance floor.  Ascending as the new wave of masterminds behind the modern EDM movement, Kustrell & Ann Buckley are revolutionizing the sound of contemporary dance music as we know it. As fans eagerly await for the next big thing to electrify clubs since Skrillex , the dynamic duo known as Kustrell & Anna Buckley are taking their position center-stage.

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