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Kygo Unveils Full Fashion Line, Speaks On Kanye Influences

Kygo has just taken the next step in his massively expanding career following his closing performance at the Olympics by releasing his very own fashion line on his website. The collection features Kygo-themed clothing for men and women, including hoodies, t-shirts and headphones.

In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Kygo described his various influences behind the creation of the fashion line, as well as some behind the scenes knowledge on its production and design.

“I didn’t want to wear anything that I was selling if it had big logos. I didn’t think it was cool for me to walk around with a huge Kygo logo on myself. . . For me, fit is very important. When I go into a store and find a T-shirt that’s well-designed with a great fabric but the fit is all wrong, the T-shirt is ruined for me. We’ve been working on making small, super fine adjustments to our T-shirts and sweaters ensuring they fit perfectly.”

When asked about the process of choosing specific materials for his clothing, Kygo revealed that bamboo and organic cotton are some of his favorites to work with. Softness, he said, is key.

“Well, the guy I’m working with in Norway has done a couple of other clothing brands before and he recommended I try out some different fabrics. Some of my favorite T-shirts in the collection are made with 70 percent bamboo or organic cotton — both materials just make the shirt super soft. “

As far as his inspirations for the designs go, he said he wanted to make a more accessible collection than Kanye West’s often-criticized high-end line.

“I don’t really know too many designers. I like a lot of what Kanye West has does with Yeezy, but I think it’s a bit too, how you say, elevated; it’s a little bit too special. Like he’s trying to make something that’s kind of a little bit too cool sometimes. I find some inspiration in what they’re doing, but I want to make Kygo Life more accessible to regular people on the street. . . But for me, quality is extremely important and you need to pay more for quality if you want it. Yeezy has the quality, but the design is sometimes too “out there” for regular people on the street to wear. So I’d like to strike a balance.”

Kygo made sure to incorporate elements of his music in with the clothes, he said. In addition the headphones, he printed a piano-inspired design and his own album cover on several of the items.

“One of my T-shirts has a piano-inspired design on the front, another one has my album cover on the back, and then, of course, we’ve created headphones. That process has been incredibly involved because we keep adjusting the sound so it’s perfect. We’ve done a lot of samples on the headphones and have been sending notes back like, ‘Make the bass a little bit lower.’ Small adjustments like that.”

Click here to visit the shop now and lock down your Kygo apparel! To read the full Billboard interview, click here.


Source: Billboard

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