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Let Me Love You x Come and See Me (Lyrics)(Alex Aiono Cover)

DJ Snake – Let Me Love You(Lyrics) ft. Justin Bieber x PartyNextDoor – Come and See Me ft. Drake (Lyrics)(Alex Aiono Cover)
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Let Me Love You by DJ Snake ft Justin Bieber & Come And See Me by PND ft Drake | Alex Aiono Cover

Rap Lyrics.

I see you talking ’bout me like I’m not around
Like I don’t even know what he’s been up to now
But I know that you listen to me singing love songs
And you hate the fact that you ain’t who I’m singing bout
We had a good thing going but I wanted great
You wanna stay the same knowing I was tryna change
So I went and found someone who loves me either way
So I’m sorry that I don’t give you the time of day
I’m just saying
Part of moving on is moving on
And I’m already gone so I hope you move along
Cos you won’t ever grow listening to the same old song
And you can’t let it go if one hand is still hanging on
So don’t get mad when I don’t respond
When you say come and see me for once
But I can’t love you?

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