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Lewis CanCut’s Indoor Rainforest EP Is A Magical Sonic Expedition [NLV Records]

Behold the genius that is Lewis CanCut, wrapped up and gifted neatly as the Indoor Rainforest. As CanCut’s debut EP on NLV Records, we’re treated to a gorgeous tour of ideas fit for a post-modern art exhibit, and all the excitement of abandoned traditions.

The entire album is an exploration of the marvelously strange and unequivocally elusive phenomenon known as the indoor rainforest, with all its funky biodiversity and bursting landscapes. Starting with the EP’s namesake, CanCut moves on to the effervescent shores of “Dream Like,” then charges into the sweetened foliage of  “Ice Cream & Asphalt” before capping our sonic excursion with the post-zen swiggles of “Plastic Garden.” If you’re NLV Records’ bubbled and twice-baked style, you’re going to love this.

Grab Indoor Rainforest now via iTunes.

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