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Lil Pump Says His Lolla Set Was Shut Down For Going “Too Hard”

Lil Pump‘s Lollapalooza set over the weekend was apparently so lit that it got shut down. The rapper says organizers cut him off because the crowd was going too hard, and he thinks it’s wack.

It’s difficult to say exactly what triggered the shortened set. The crowd was definitely packed in, moshing, and doing the things typical of a hip hop show crowd. At certain points, music was cut off and fans were asked to back up. If safety was a concern, which seems to be the case, then ultimately Lollapalooza made the right call here.

Lil Pump took to social media after the performance to give his two cents on the whole ordeal.

“Lollapalooza, listen up,” he began. “That’s was some fuck shit. Y’all stopped my whole set because everybody was fuckin’ mosh pitting too hard. People were fainting. I stopped the show and got everybody that was fainting and they still cut my set off ’cause everybody mosh pitting too hard. It was ’bout to cause a riot.”

On the flip side, many fans blame Lil Pump for being late and letting his hype men do most of the work. In total, spectators say he performed 2 – 5 songs before getting off the stage. Some say regardless of a shutdown, his show was doomed from the start.

We’ll let social media tell the rest, starting with the rapper’s own statement…

Lil Pump @ Lollapalooza 2018


H/T: XXL Mag | Photo: Nabil Elderkin

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