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Listen To Gorillaz’ ‘Dirty Santa Party’

After a rapid fire slew of teasing, hints, and backstory, Gorillaz have adjusted to being relatively quiet over the last couple weeks. However, to commemorate the holiday season, Murdoc has slapped together a “Dirty Santa Party” for all your debaucherous needs no matter what you celebrate.

Fresh (although at the same time, quite the opposite) of hosting his very own dirty santa party, Murdoc shares his soundtrack to get you feeling festive. Enjoy irresponsibly at 🎁

A photo posted by Gorillaz (@gorillaz) on Dec 19, 2016 at 9:05am PST

The playlist has everything from Snoop Dogg, to AC/DC, Tom Waits, and even some good ol’ Weird Al Yankovic. If you’re aiming to party down like Murdoc and channel your inner Mr. Clause for some holiday havoc-making, look no further.

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Source: Listen To Gorillaz’ ‘Dirty Santa Party’

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