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Listen to Justin Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean’ get re-worked into a 1980s classic

Justin Bieber’s raspy, well-trained voice has only continued to mature each year, drawing in legions of fans whose ardor has allowed him to reign supreme as one of the world’s most-loved singer-songwriters. His fame was only magnified by his work with Skrillex and Diplo this past year, whose masterful electronic compositions became a powerful foundation for Bieber’s topline, while also revitalizing his relevance in the pop world.

The young Canadian’s vocal talent and choice of collaborators have proven fruitful in today’s age, but could he be considered a timeless musician? A creative YouTuber under the alias TRONICBOX decided to answer this question by molding his singles into pieces that sound like they were created during the height of the 1980s.

TRONICBOX commenced his experiment with a re-work of “What Do You Mean.” He blends Bieber’s voice in a starry R&B landscape akin to that of Boys II Men or other popular groups of the era, complete with occasional guitar riffs, emotive synth arpeggios and added echoes to the vocals for an extra-haunting effect. Staying true to the decade, saxophone and guitar solos also make an appearance toward the song’s climax, icing the proverbial 1980s cake. TRONICBOX  also remixed “Love Yourself,” which is available for listening on his YouTube page where a bevy of other songs are remixed into era-appropriate classics.


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