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Listen to Porter Robinson’s crazy edit of Purity Ring

While Porter Robinson’s live shows consist almost entirely of his own music, his DJ sets provide a glimpse into the diversity of his tastes. Outside of playing his favorite cuts from other producers, his DJ sets also offer a chance for him to share his secret bootleg edits which, were it not for his rabid fanbase, would probably never see the light of day.

One of Porter’s most famous edits is a spin on Purity Ring’s “Begin Again.” The haunting rendition combines elements of Sakuraburst’s remix with Porter’s own edits.

While low quality recordings of Porter’s “Begin Again” edit have existed online for a few months now, one fan by the name of Red_ Hokkaido has now created a higher quality recording by stitching up Sakuraburst’s remix with recorded audio from Porter’s sets. While not perfect by any means, it’s likely the closest fans will get to receiving the real thing.

Via: Reddit (r/PorterRobinson)


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