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LPS: Outside by Calvin Harris MEP [CLOSED] – Hosted MEPs | LPS PawzTV

Hey my lights! I’m back with another MEP! Yay! Enjoy! My No Promises MEP is cancelled because of the lack of people joining.

1) You have two weeks to finish your part.
2) Try to make your part have red and black colors. The theme of this MEP is heartbreak.
3) Try to film outside if possible.
4) Be creative, think outside the box, and be as unique as possible.
5) Do NOT steal or copy anybody’s part. They worked hard to make it.
6) The clip must be full screen.
7) MY AUDIO is needed in the background of your part.
8) Use typography. But make sure the lyrics are correct.
9) Please add a watermark. If you can’t, please let me know. But NO watermarks from editors.
10) One channel can’t have more than 3 parts.
11) If you have 2 or more parts, please use the same LPS for all of them.
12) Fill out the form if you want a part.
13) Password – #Mivy4Life
14) And most importantly… HAVE FUN!!!

Intro – LPS PawzTV
1 – Saphira lps (DONE)
2 – Saphira lps (DONE)
3 – MeganLPS (DONE)
4 – DogIslandLPS (DONE)
5 – DogIslandLPS (DONE)
6 – LPS EliseTV (DONE)
7 – LPS PawzTV (DONE)
8 – • lpsBimi • (DONE)
9 – Josie Girl (DONE)
10 – Lps Squishy Marshmallow (DONE)
11 – • lpsBimi • (DONE)
12 – Josie Girl (DONE)
13 – Lps Squishy Marshmallow (DONE)
Outro – LPS PawzTV

I’m going to be nice and do a short form…
Part –
Editor –
Password –

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