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Luca Rezza Gives Congorock’s “Ivory” A Fresh Remix

Luca Rezza Gives Congorock’s “Ivory” A Fresh Remix

Brian Poles

Congorock‘s classic electo house masterpiece “Ivory” which was released just about five years ago has received a fresh new remix from Luca Rezza. The remix starts out just as you remember it, a bit more sped up but reminiscent of the original. Then when the drop his you he tones back the bass and deepens the synth. He then cuts it up and makes it much more rhythmic rather than just having it pound at you. Thrown in are triumphant horns and some squeaking snares. Though very much in tune with the original it is cool to hear such a classic of a song remixed to sound more in tune with today’s sound and to allow artists to throw it into their sets.

You can grab Luca Rezza’s remix of “Ivory” now as a free download and this is certainly one you do not want to be missing out on. It brings back memories of the old days where electo house ruled supreme and was a peak time in electronic music for a lot of people. So check this one out now and go listen to the original if you are a newer listener and may not have heard it before. It really is a classic song of the genre and for good reason.

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