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Mark Knight & D. Ramirez V Underworld – Downpipe (Official Music Video)

The tallest building in Dublin city was wired up with two huge 100,000 Euro screens. The director Eoghan Kidney was granted exclusive permission to use the screen in a music video for ‘Downpipe’.

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The central concept- A structure plays a song with light.

The fully rigged building was launched on 24th August 2009. We were granted permission to use the screens exclusively for the video from midnight of that day. We created a 3m50sec animation, illustrating the Downpipe track. The animation incorporates abstractions of the tune, lyrics and small sections of digitised live action video. We shot the building from several angles and edit to create a video driven by shapes, colour, wonder & small sections of documentary style footage.

The style was centered around a building that has come alive in harmony with its surroundings. We took advantage of the immediacy & reality of the lights- lots of nice focus pulls, use of depth of field, hand held etc, reflections on the water, reflections on objects to create a unique music video…

Directed By Eoghan Kidney Special Thanks to

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