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MAU5HAX BUS TOUR – Atlanta Edition

MAU5HAX BUS TOUR – Atlanta Edition

Zach Nass

While Atlanta continues delving into the evolving and expanding genres of electronic music, the one trait that has stayed constant within this city is its ability to attract the biggest names in the game. Any affiliation with the mau5trap label certainly places you amongst the heavily praised throughout this industry. As fate would have it, these two are being brought together this week as the MAU5HAX BUS TOUR will be making its highly anticipated stop at Opera Nightclub on March 8th!

This tour will give us the chance to experience mau5trap’s finest producers, them being: Matt Lange, Attlas, Rezz, Steve Duda + a special gue5t (could the counterpart of BSOD be gracing us with his appearance)? Each artist brings a truly unique approach to the table. Attlas provides us with a sinister approach and a rather distinctive style of production throughout his remixes/original pieces. Matt Lange is a rare specimen idolized for his desire of perfectionism while simultaneously maintaining his influential vision. Rezz is a special friend to our family over at ThisSongSlaps, so we will allow all of you to discover the sagacity that we have all been fortunate enough to fully comprehend.

As if this tour itself isn’t providing enough satisfaction and enjoyment for its fans, the artists will be producing new tracks on and off the stage by way of their Solid State Logic-endorsed mobile recording tour bus! A brief stop will be made at deadmau5′ home in Toronto for a special in-house collaboration, but the potential possibilities of what that will entail and what the tour will provide are an eternal my5tery.

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