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Meet the counselors of Dirtybird Campout East: Ciszak : Dancing Astronaut

Dirtybird Campout has grown past a simple gathering and into a phenomenon that has gained national interest. Claude VonStroke and his flock have created a truly unforgettable experience that harkens back to childhood memories while also offering an immersive transformational festival experience — complete with an endless supply of rage-worthy music. 2018 marks a milestone year, in which the Campout ventures eastward for its first time to enjoy a sunny jaunt in Florida amidst the winter months. Ahead of its East Coast debut, we assembled a batch of artist “counselors” from the roster and grilled them on camping memories, their careers, and more.

Ciszak boasts an entirely new breed of tech house mainstays. His rinsing in the genre from an early age in Brazil saw that he embarked into the musical sphere early on, with releases on both 303Lovers and Go Deeva. His insatiably danceable style stuck instantaneously, as both tunes went onto top Beatport’s tech house charts.

Come 2015, Ciszak had gained the attention of the zaniest flocks of birds. Dirtybird’s nest overseer, Claude VonStroke, released the off-kilter “Hypnose” number on the label and the tune soared to the top of the Beatport charts yet again. Since Ciszak moved into the label, he’s solidified his eccentric M.O.  with releases on a number of labels, including Mihalis Safras’ Material Music, Green Velvet’s Cajual Records, and with the rising UK outfit Suah.

Ciszak is perhaps best known for his 2016 Dirtybird hit “I Want,” though, which laughed the label’s brand new sister label, Dirtybird Select. He’s continued to delight in a number of EP’s since and released two just last year. Both I’m Down and Pants On Fire continue to see Ciszak’s fitting in just fine with the Dirtybird flock.

We had a chance to catch up Ciszak ahead of his promising fervent deliverance at the inaugural Dirtybird Campout East where he touched on the simple moments that make him happy, defining moments, his lack of support for spiders, and more.

What has been your proudest career accomplishment thus far?
“There have been so many moments. Each moment in one phase of my life and career. in each phase, that acomplishment was my proudest thus far so its hard to determine only one, but signing my first track with Dirtybird is definitely at the top of the list.”

Where do you find the most inspiration to create new music?
“For me, the most simple moments in my life turn into inspiration for new music. Happy moments with friends, moments with my family, etc.”

Describe a defining moment/time that inspired you to keep going down the road of electronic musicianship?
“Receiving a lot of support from fans and other artists in the electronic world. Recently I saw a fan with a homemade t-shirts with my lyrics on it, really inspired moment for me.”

What essential camping items can you not live without?
“Any kind of speakers, a flashlight, some insect killer (I can’t support spiders haha)”

How would you survive if you were stranded in the woods for a week?
First thing I would do is look for water, next scope out what food might be around and lastly something to defend myself. Once you have that, you should be fine!

What is your craziest camping memory?
In Brazil we dont have the habit of camping. Can you believe that I never camped in Brazil? So i really don’t have much experience camping outside of the Dirtybird Campouts.

If you could recommend three artists to catch from the lineup, who would you pick?
Hard choice, we have so many good artists this year. I really want to see PillowTalk, Prok & Fitch and of course, Get Real.

Join the camping fun and find out more about the lineup here

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