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Meet the underground talent of CRSSD Fest: Bondax

San Diego’s CRSSD Fest – presented by FNGRS CRSSD — has become a sanctuary for underground electronic music fans. The upcoming March edition looks to be the festival’s most promising offering yet, featuring an even greater array of delectable house and techno acts as well as some formidable headliners such as ODESZA, Chet Faker, Gesaffelstein and Cirez D. To dig a big deeper into the lineup, we’ve tapped some of our favorite acts on the bill for a daily interview series before the festival.

UK duo Bondax burst onto the scene with their 2012 EP, You’re So, and have been cracking the pavement with wide-ranging, soul-inspired electronica ever since. Covering styles from disco to percussive house, Adam Kaye and George Townsend sparingly let loose their studio projects but always deliver distinguishable offerings when called upon.

Best known for acclaimed singles such as “Gold,” “Giving It All” and “All I See,” Bondax have recently geared efforts toward live performances. Touring the globe and hitting carefully curated festival stages, the duo keep the gate wide open to cater to crowds of all sorts. Their versatility allows for DJ sets filled with spontaneity, light-hearted streaks or floor-pummeling runs. Catch Bondax performing from the Ocean View stage on Saturday.

Tickets for CRSSD Fest are available here.

How long have you been DJing for & how did you get your start?

We’ve been djing and producing together in our bedrooms since we were 15, we had our first gig when George was 17 and Adam was 16, it took a while to get regular gigs but we’ve been doing it ever since!

What was your first label release? Would you still play it?

Our first release was the first original track we made “Just Smile For Me” which came out when we were both 16, we wouldn’t play it because it’s a weird bpm for us to play and it doesn’t really keep with the style we developed nowadays. We both still proud of it though!

What has been the biggest breakthrough of your career?

We both just ate some 100% genuine taco’s in Mexico, this has been a lifelong dream. The inspiration from this we expect to change our careers and lives forever.

If you could be another artist for a day, who would you pick?

 Probably YUNG LEAN. Think his music really shines light on the current state of affairs on planet earth.

What’s your opinion of the dance scene in the US right now?

 Think that there’s some people in the U.S. that are pushing the boundaries of what the U.S. dance scene is. For example some of our favourite producers at the moment are Keats Collective, specifically Flamingosis and Ian Ewing. Despite their music being filled with old samples, it still retains a fresh, relevant feel.

How do you think the US scene will evolve over the next few years?

I think we’ll see the development of many of the genres that have been given a resurgence through new acts over the past few years. Looking at the popular dance acts growing in America over the last 4 or so years it is slightly incomprehensible as someone from

the outside looking in to understand why it’s grown so much here. As a scary amount of money is being invested into this side of electronic music every year it’s blatant that the populous & therefore many festivals have no desire to put on interesting and different lineups. Hopefully the future is given the freedom the Internet can truly provide & we’ll see many new innovative genres, but in terms of mainstream electronic music it’s hard to see another side to the capitalistic nature of the current music industry.

What are you most looking forward to about CRSSD Fest?

Really looking forward to visit San Diego again, it’s one of our favourite cities in the U.S. for sure. Can’t wait to chill on the beach and listen to some good music.

If you could recommend three artists to catch from the lineup, who would you pick?

Chet Faker – definitely our favourite person on the lineup whether it’s his solo or full band show, both are amazing.

Gorgon City Live – Kai and Matt are good friends of ours, also their drummer is our drummer too (when we perform live). He’s a quality guy and an outstanding drummer, will be a good show!

Tycho – Never seen Tycho play, but his albums really good traveling music. Should be interesting to see how he performs!

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