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Metacentric’s “Phases” EP Is Out Of This World

Metacentric’s “Phases” EP Is Out Of This World

Brian Poles

Brazilian producer Vitor Armando, otherwise known as Metacentric, is a mainstay in the Brazilian techno world and has just dropped his “Phases” EP which features funky beats, futuristic vibes, and dance-able rhythms. The first song “Sphere” sounds like something from another world with its fast-paced beat and progression and funky synths which will take you on a musical journey. Next up is “Impulse” which starts off with menacing bass and more other-worldly sounds which continue all the way into the drop where the pace picks up and bit and smooth breakdowns are introduced into the mix. Finishing off the EP is the Evil Mix of “Impulse” where he brings us even further into this other dimension and the bass is turned up even higher and more ‘dub’ sounds are added to give in that dark and evil feeling like something is looming in the night.

The EP is out now via Audiophile XXL and you can go grab it on Juno Download or stream in full below. Overall the EP is solid and you can tell Metacentric was going for something dark and out of this world with this one. It is certainly something different from the stuff you hear from America or Europe in terms of the techno that is produced in those regions. Make sure to give Metacentric a follow on social media to see what world he brings us into next!

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