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Mielo’s Latest Receives A New Alignment

Mielo’s Latest Receives A New Alignment

Chad Hirsch

Mielo is an up and coming producer out of the midwest/Chiago who’s been making huge waves recently going on his first tour this fall. His latest original ‘All We’ve Lost’ got a smooth upbeat remix from ALIGN, fellow friend and local producer to Mielo. This remix does a great job of keeping the vibe of the original with its sound design even though it’s at a different speed. The different vocals layered over each other are simply beautiful to listen to over the calming beat in the background. All the different sound design done in this remix, mainly all of the different synths, is really impressive when you consider trying to keep a similar vibe. This remix goes above and beyond while it still appreciates the original’s style and feeling.

All We’ve Lost (Feat. Danél) [ALIGN Remix]| Download |

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