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Moby Donates Quarter Of A Million Dollars To Animal Rights Organizations

Legendary producer and DJ Moby opened a restaurant in Los Angeles in November 2015 called Little Pine. In the two years since the restaurant has been open, business has apparently been very good as Moby has just donated $250,000 to a variety of animal rights organizations.

Moby has been a vegan for the past 30 years, and animal safety and rights are some of his charitable passions. He even founded his own vegan festival, Circle V, and 100% of his fee there went towards animal rights organization, Mercy for Animals.

Organizations that will benefit from this new donation include Mercy For Animals, Humane Society, The Humane League, The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, PETA, Animal Equality, and others.

Regardless of your opinions on vegans and veganism, there’s no doubt that this contribution will save the lives of countless animals and bring awareness to animal activism issues.

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