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Mr FijiWiji – Dogma EP [Monstercat]

Everyone’s favorite paper bag is back at it again with another great EP. When Mr FijiWiji‘s third studio EP Growing Up dropped in early 2015, I honestly had no idea how he could follow it up. The EP was stellar, featuring everything from vocal-driven ballads like “Yours Truly” to the banging future house sounds of “Believe Her.”

When the cinematic “Hostage” released earlier this month, I knew Dogma was going to be special. While not every track on this EP is quite as surprising as “Hostage” was for me, Dogma still makes for a great cut.

This EP is all over the place. Kicking off with the more quirky, dubstep-influenced “Thought Police,” listeners are greeted with the essence of pure uniqueness that is central to the EP as a whole. Some elements – such as FijiWiji’s signature vocal chops and all-around UK garage influence – are retained throughout the EP, yet no track is like the next.

While “Stop at Nothing” is clearly the most energetic and club-oriented track on the EP, its placement doesn’t seem as forced or abrupt as “Believe Her” did on Growing Up. Both it and the R&B-influenced “Surrounded” pay thoughtful tribute to their respective genres, while FijiWiji blends in his own recognizable brand of electronic music.

The EP closes with its arguable best track, “Time to Say Goodbye.” The track is a three-way collaboration between Mr FijiWiji, trance vocalist/producer/DJ Aruna and Monstercat label-mate Direct. While the electronic production here is unique as always, the thing really catching my ear with this track is Aruna’s appearance. Her vocals truly soar higher than ever before, combining perfectly with the track’s gorgeous opening piano chords.

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Mr FijiWiji – Dogma EP [Monstercat]

8.6Under the bag hides something beautiful


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