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MUST LISTEN: The enigmatic 1788-L transcends time and space with the cinematic, ‘C Y B E R S P A C E’

Despite living in an age of Marshmello fatigue, the question that still remains on every electronic music enthusiast’s mind is: Who is 1788-L? It may seem we haven’t quite hit the post mystery producer hype period just yet.

Here’s what is known about the enigmatic artist(s?) as of now. Nobody heard the name 1788-L until REZZ dropped a surprise ID (now known as “HEXES”) while at Ultra 20. The producer has since tackled remixes of Daft Punk‘s “Rizler” and Skrillex + Poo Bear‘s hit track, “Would You Ever.” Most recently, 1788-L built a short and budding discography that includes a VIP edit of Illenium and Said The Sky‘s “Sound of Where’d U Go.”

Now comes a dark and foreboding track that draws an inspiration from Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack. An ominous, cinematic landscape marks the track, complete with robotic vocal samples, 80s-inspired synth work, and hypnotic bass lines that very much resemble REZZ’s sound. What 1788-L’s specific sound is — exactly — is yet to be determined. But the mark of any great artist is their audacity to break away barriers of musical genre and catapult listeners to another time and place.

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