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New App from Spotify for Artists is Out Now on IOS

Spotify has been securing the top spot of the music streaming industry for quite some time. With more and more musicians hopping onto the platform as the premiere stage to showcase their music, Spotify has become the new source of income and exposure for artists with little experience with music streaming platforms.

Luckily for them, Spotify has just launched a new app designated for musicians, bands, artists, DJs, producers, and the like for iOS. An Android version of the Spotify for Artists app is said to follow soon.

Spotify is describing the new app as a way for artists to keep tabs on their music as it goes live and to learn about their listeners. As long as artists are verified through the music streaming mogul, the app offers features that allow the users to update their profile photos, “Artist Picks” section, biographies, and playlists at their leisure.

In addition to the cosmetic changes artist pages can undergo, the Spotify for Artists app also delivers real-time stream counts for new releases for artists. However, the stream counts work in real-time for a limited time.

In a blog post, Spoitfy said, “For the first week after your new release, the Spotify for Artists app will update instantly, every time someone pushes ‘play’, so you’ll know exactly how many times your new single, EP, or Album has been streamed.”

For the first time, Spotify’s artists will be able to take a peak behind the veil and see the analytics of their consumer base. Spotify for Artists will be able to show artists the fluctuating data of their listeners and followers, display their age, gender, and locations, and how much is streaming.

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