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New Nine Inch Nails EP set for probable release next week

You’d be a fool if you thought for a moment electronic music killed the rock star. Rock n’ roll isn’t dead; far from it in fact. The two genres have existed simultaneously, and have often crossed over with each other for decades now. One of the intersection’s seminal boundary pushers, Nine Inch Nails, proves that point. Trent Reznor, NIN’s frontman, recently suggested via Twitter that something is looming for the group, and it’s coming soon. While it’s yet to be confirmed, the announcement has lead to speculation that the group will release a new EP next week.

The theory is further reinforced by the band’s promise of a new EP to be out before their summer tour begins July 23 back in the end of 2016. NIN released their surprise Not The Actual Events EP in December of 2016 and publicly stated that the third part of their EP trilogy would follow “6-8 months” after the second installment, making Reznor and company just about due to deliver on their promise.

Listen to Not The Actual Events below:

Via: NME

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