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New Project “Edible Sounds” Creates Records Out Of Tortillas For The True Music Lover

 It’s 2016 and technology is progressing faster than ever. From the decline of the CD, rise of MP3s, streaming and other services, it’s hard to keep up with what is next. One man is taking a step back to appreciate what music use to be: with food.

Created by the British producer Matthew Herbert, “Edible Sounds” is a new project and series that prints old records on tortillas. Although it’s not recommended to try and play them on a record player, the concept is a hip and a great way to remember the good ol’ days.

This is not Herbert’s first foray into adjacent styles of music, having previous “made music from a pig’s life cycle, bullets hitting a pie, and a bomb explosion in Libya.”

Check out a preview copy below – there will only be 12 made (we don’t know how long they’ll last).



Source: Pitchfork


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