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Nik Tee – Clueless (Original Mix)

There are few things in life that are sweeter than a righteous Electro-House Mix that gets your body in motion. Something about the driving bass lines, hypnotic synths and dynamic progressions leads the style to be designed with the finest of intricacies. The recent release “Clueless” by Nik Tee is a quintessential electro fusion that hypnotizes and energizes while, incorporating a host of technically complex elements. On this track, a vast scope of  effects and instrumentals are formulated to create an electrifying bolt of music mayhem.

“Clueless” materializes from the track with a light and whimsical sequence of highly driven synths and a steady bass line. The track organically evolves into a darker sequence of fluid elements and hard-driving drums, creating multiple experiences into a single mix for listeners. Distinct breaks in the beats and marked tempo changes perform in an unconventional manner while illustrating a wide scale of complexity and stylistic acrobatics.”Clueless” delivers a phenomenal expression of emotions through the carefully woven chords and varied levels of intensity.

Nik Tee has given fans an opportunity to experience the high-energy and beautifully textured sounds of dance music through a tasty blend popular house styles such as progressive and electro. From distorted synths, to blaring sirens, roaring strings, and pounding bass, “Clueless” is an incredible journey through the creative musings of Nik Tee. The track delivers an exciting blast of futuristic techniques with resounding innovation.

“Clueless” is a fervent interpretation of one of the most sought after styles in the music industry. The track hooks listeners into lively intro and later takes them on a momentous journey to the deepest places where music resides. The unsurmountable breadth of infectious vibes produced, tenders an energetic mix for a diverse audience of listeners. For those who appreciate the dexterous performance of some of the industry’s biggest names, “Clueless” will be highly praised and regarded as a timeless work of artistry and imagination.


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