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What So Not – Be Ok Again feat. Daniel Johns (Official Music Video)

“If nothing else, this video is quite a personal feat for me… Diving head first into to new territory (with film maker buddy Luke Eblen by my side) I wrote, co-directed, played a character roll, dabbled in film editing & even managed to convince Daniel Johns to trust our vision & have him feature as one of the main protagonists in this piece.

We worked with a small budget (most of the shots taken in a half mile circumference of Luke’s house). We sourced props & items from hardware & thrift stores & used the environment around us – swimming pools, industrial spaces & the ocean (Nima [DOP] & Luke actually had me swim out fully clothed in 12ft surf for some of the shots ha).

Many of the final shots you see in the clip were actually test shots captured a GoPro, that felt so raw & real we couldn’t beat them with a $100,000 camera. We enlisted the help of the many amazing & talented people in my home town to pull it all together, as well as a call out to fans to join in as extras (Thank you all!)

But i think the standout has to be Daniel F**kin Johns… Pulling up day of by himself, jumping straight to camera & delivering a performance to rival Keith Flint of The Prodigy.”


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