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NYC Ranks Among Most Expensive Cities In The World

New York City might be the most expensive city in the states, but research analysis has recently ranked the city #9 most priciest in the world.

Singapore ranks #1, Hong Kong at #2 and Zurich, Switzerland comes in at #3. Many of the top destination cities such as Tokyo and Paris round out the top 10 as researched by The Economist Group, and half are in Asia.

The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted this study based on the following: basic store items, mid-priced stores and outlets, prices on food, drinks, clothing, recreation, entertainment, automobile costs and gasoline, rent, utility bills, schools, domestic help and more.

In consideration of each countries’ respective currencies, and the strength of the dollar, research came up with the relative list of most expensive cities. Those planning on doing any traveling, for work, pleasure, music festivals, or otherwise, should take note of these pricey cities… The full report can be read here.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities

1. Singapore, Singapore
2. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
3. Zurich, Switzerland
4. Tokyo, Japan
5. Osaka, Japan
6. Seoul, South Korea
7. Geneva, Switzerland
7. Paris, France
9. New York City, United States
9. Copenhagen, Denmark


Source: MarketWatch

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