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Oliver Dishes On Their Album & Robotaki Shares An Exclusive Playlist Ahead Of Splash House

Splash House is only days away!

The annual bi-monthly festival happening every June and August is one of the favorite festivals in California as attendees spend time in the sun and pool, listening to chill sounds and amazing beats from some of the very best in the game, as well as a large host of up-and-comers. This year, included in the lineup are two very talented artists that go by the names Robotaki and Oliver.

We’ve prepared a bit of a double header as Robotaki shares an exclusive playlist with a lot of his favorite sounds, as well as an exclusive interview with Oliver on their album, touring, and more.

All of that is available now below! Check it out, and be sure to enjoy your time in Palm Springs this weekend. If you’re not going, now you know what you’re missing out on.

Hey guys! So first off, I have to ask… what’s going on with the album? It was happening, and then we really haven’t heard much about it.

“We’re at the mastering stage now which is really exciting, we’ve been working on this project for two years so it’s amazing to finally be at the finish line”

What’s the plan for Splash House? You’re playing at the after hours party, so the mood is going to be nice and dark, perfect for your style of music.

“No plan really, we tend to not plan out DJ sets. It’s more fun for us to just play what we’re feeling in the moment, we’re definitely going to play some of our new music though, very excited”

How much, if at all, do you switch up your sets based on where you’re playing?

“Quite a lot, we’ve both been DJs for many years and part of that is what to play and when to play it based on the setting. A small club is so much different than a large venue or festival and should be taken into consideration”

What would have to be the strangest location you’ve ever played?

“We played on a cruise ship in Hong Kong that just had the strangest vibe to it, we were playing next to a bunch of big room EDM DJs and hired models, not really our vibe”

Do you have any friends on the lineup you might make an appearance for? Whether to hop on stage or just check out their set.

“We have a lot of friends playing this one, Classixx, Anna Lunoe, Cassian, Poolside, Pat Lok and The Knocks. We’ll definitely be loitering on stage with them.”

What’s next on the horizon for Oliver?

“Inter-dimensional time travel”



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