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Paul Kalkbrenner delves deep in ‘Parts Of Life’ LP : Dancing Astronaut

Berlin’s club king, Paul Kalkbrenner, has just released his eighth full-length studio album, Parts Of Life.

Out now on Sony International, Part Of Life comes a decade after his highly acclaimed LP Berlin Calling, and yet somehow, he achieves a similarly definitive moment. Following his 2016 mixtape trilogy Back To The Future, through which he highlighted the late ’80s and the early ’90s arrival of the raw, stripped-down techno in Berlin, Parts Of Life is built on the severely more emotive edge of the genre, and Kalkbrenner, too.

Take the album’s still life cover, for example, painted over a two-year period by his uncle Paul Eisel, Parts Of Life quite outwardly offers a privileged glimpse into the life and influences of the maven. It’s through this unique collection of personal objects, and emotive strains, slow builds and lack of explosive deliverances on the record, that the complete picture of the man behind the work and its effect are each conveyed.

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