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Pearson Sounds Gives Hypnotic Remix of TEACHERS’ “Mannequin In Heat”

Hessle Audio, the record label founded by Ben UFOPangeaa and Pearson Sound, has been making huge waves in the underground dance music scene for the past few years, and each release from the label only reinforces its founders’ collective proclivity for spotting and release phenomenal music. One of its founders, Pearson Sound, has strayed a bit for his newest release: a remix of the track “Mannequin Heat” from New York-based indie pop band TEACHERS. Originally a catchy song, Pearson Sound does his due diligence in twisting the track into a dark yet uplifting remix.

The remix begins in a dream-like haze, with distorted vocals washing in and out like a calm wave. Pearson Sound gradually builds momentum, adding in drums and synths to give the remix a darker feel before turning it into a full-blown hybrid of U.K. dubstep and house. Harsh percussion, a distant, alarming synth and a rolling bassline completely recontextualize the original track. The remix finishes off with an ambient conclusion, with the vocals returning and a warm mood once again giving the remix a 180-degree turn toward an uplifting atmosphere. Normally a remix of this nature would sound messy and disjointed, but Pearson Sound manages to deliver an exceptional remix despite the mood-altering swings.

Listen to Pearson Sound’s remix of TEACHERS’ track “Mannequin In Heat” below:

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