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Petit Biscuit’s Self-Titled Debut EP [Review]

Ever since his smash hit “Sunset Lover,” I have kept a close eye on French musician and producer Petit Biscuit for his special talent in the creation of melodic nostalgia-inducing masterpieces. At the ripe age of 16, he has released his debut 5-track self-titled EP Petit Biscuit independently.

Inspired by Galimatias, Odesza and Fakear, Petit Biscuit’s production is in a league of its own when putting it up against other downtempo producers. He has elevated the art of weaving guitar plucks and vocal chops into a masterful symphony while capturing the essence of a chill, laid back, summer Sunday morning.

To me what I really look for when searching for new producers music is that they capitalize on there talent and uniqueness in hopes of forming a signature sound, feel or vibe. His signature guitar based plucks accompanied by peaceful-like melodic vocal chops instills a state of nostalgia based relapses to a more blissful time.

“Once Again”

The first track of his debut EP gives a glimpse of the vibe Petit Biscuit is trying to set for listeners. The track starts off with beautiful church organs, as if they were from a 17th century renaissance cathedral in Rome; his signature wind chimes with peaceful vocal chops soon enter as white noise fills the track with space. As you near the end of the track, you have an idea of what the rest of the EP is going to sound like and you could not ask for anything else.

“Sunset Lover”

The second track, “Sunset Lover,” arguably his magnum opus, reminds me of the reason why I fell in love with the sound of this 16-year-old French producer. The track starts off by creating the mood with Petit Biscuit’s signature rhythmic guitar chords. The melodic female vocal chops enter and create an atmosphere of blissful nostalgia induced memories. This track is perfect for anything from a beautiful summer night around a fire pit sharing a friend’s well being to daydreaming in the sun rays of broad daylight.


The guitar we all know and love him for starts off this track. Vocal chops act as the lead melody in the drop buffered by white noise saturating the background of the track, Petit Biscuit continues to treat us with his independently unique vibe. Sounding like a track inspired by Odesza but produced with totally different emotions, the 16-year-old prodigy continues to set his narrative for the ride he wants to take us on.

“Full Moon”

Immediately, starry wind chimes take control of this track. An atmosphere of star staring into the nights sky savoring every moment occurs. The beat keeps the pace of the story (think timelapse to a full moon) to the listeners being told.


The last track on his EP and most certainly not the least draws the conclusion to the ride set by Petit Biscuit. In a sort of Spirited Away ending, we take a moment to look back on trail taken and cherish the moments made and emotions exhibited.

I was honestly extremely pleased with this EP; it creates for a unique emotion expressed through the tracks. Its leaves me with that feeling of excitement and invigoration to wait on his next material the same way I do for other game changers like Porter Robinson, Flume, Madeon and deadmau5. 

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Petit Biscuit’s Self-Titled Debut EP [Review]

8.6Overall Score

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