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Police confirm DJ Derek’s death after DNA testing his presumptive remains

Recently, news broke that the remains of DJ Derek, affectionately referred to as “Britain’s Oldest DJ” may have been found. Born Derek Serpell-Morris, his family had reported him missing in July 2015.

Now, through conclusive DNA tests, Bristol police have confirmed that they have found the remains of the local legend.

DJ Derek began his career in the 1970s by playing reggae, ska, soul, and blues records, and continued ascending in his career before retiring in 2013. Before retirement, Serpell-Morris played Glastonbury Festival and the Big Chill, and was awarded a medal for his contribution to the music scene in his hometown of Bristol.

Derek’s older brother Gerald has said that a celebration of DJ Derek’s life will be held at the end of April in the St. Paul neighborhood of Bristol where he had resided for many years.

Via: Resident Advisor

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