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POOLCLVB Drops ‘You + Me’ EP

Australian label etcetc has quickly grabbed my attention as a hotbed for emerging talent like Paces, Set Mo, Kilter, and more. Now, they’ve just released Sydney-based POOLCLVB’s latest LP, You + Me.

I’ve covered the single “Always” in the past and briefly mentioned the follow-up “You Give Me Love” as well, but now the collection is rounded out with the two remaining tracks, “Waiting for You” and “What You Want.” Together, all four tracks come together to give us one of the funkier, feel-good releases of the new year, thus far. “Waiting for You” might be the clubbiest of the four with its shimmering ’80s aesthetic while “What You Want” features soulful female vocals that give the track an emotional edge over the other four.

Stream the full pack below!


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