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[Premiere] Dubvirus — Scarab [Gravitas Recordings]

Happy Monday, everyone! We’ve got just the thing to properly kick off your week: new music. More specifically, new music from the one and only Dubvirus, which is always cause for celebration. The tune is distinct hybrid of elements from across the low-end heavy spectrum of dance music, with sound design that absolutely gleams with polish; it’s no wonder he decided to call the tune ‘Scarab’.  Pitch-perfect percussion bumps and knocks in the background while thick, chunky bass lines collide with glittering synth notes and exotic instrumentation. It all culminates in a stripped down, pulse pounding whomp-fest, and then proceeds to blow our minds further with each and every element being brought into play at once. Dubvirus knocked it out of the park with this one; if you aren’t listening yet, you definitely should be.

Best of all, the track comes to us courtesy of Gravitas Recordings; and there is plenty more where that came from. Dubvirus’ latest tune is a preview of the upcoming Virtus in Sonus compilation, the fourth in the series so far. While the imprint continuously releases a stream of excellent music, this is the one we wait all year for; one look at the contributing artists will leave no doubts as to why. Mr. Bill, Ill-esha, Esseks, Elevated Mind, Spoken Bird, and several others can all be found throughout the release; even Psymbionic himself makes a guest appearance. The full compilation drops on August 30th, so mark your calendars. In the meantime, you can stream Dubvirus’ ‘Scarab’ after the jump; happy listening!


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Facebook || Soundcloud || Twitter

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