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Raving In The Black Sea At Kazantip 2012

So maybe we’re late to the game, but from the people we asked, no one had heard of it either so here it goes.  Welcome to Kazantip, the month long party held every year in Ukraine.  This party is not your average party… First off, it lasts a whole damn month.  That aside, these guys have taken it to a whole different level (sort of).  Participants get Viza’s (witty!) and the party community acts like a village (called a Republic) with board members who oversee the community (called the government).

Here is some information on the types of Viza’s you can get:

There are two types of Republican Viza:
Plastic multiple entry visa, granted for a month-long period, allows multiple entries into the Republic (that’s exactly what you need)
Single entry visa, or transit visa, or tourist visa, valid for one and only visit and canceled as soon as the visitor leaves the territory of the Republic. Procedure of issuing a multiple visa is very simple. You only need to show your passport and to smile for the webcam at the Republican port of entry. Multiple entry visa will cost you about€160; single entry visa is available for €60 each, depending on the importance of a particular event. Owners of the state-recognized yellow suitcases of a standard pattern are granted with a Viza-free entry.

The lineup over the past few years has actually not been bad with Carl Cox headlining it in 2010.  Vice did a 20 minute documentary of the party so you can see what it is all about.


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