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Show-Go | Bankroll (Diplo Beatbox Remix)

Show-Go from Japan! As unique as it gets, he has mastered his unique double-voice sound to make crazy routines! Check out this insane beatbox remix of “Bankroll – Diplo” and “Dr. Dre – The Next Episode ft. Snoop Dogg.”

Beatbox International- providing a platform for beatboxers across to the globe to showcase their shoutouts, freestyles, battles and lots more since 2015!

Interested in sending in your video for our youtube channel? Here’s what to do:
-Try to record your video HORIZONTALLY/SIDEWAYS
-Say your STAGE NAME and WHERE YOU ARE FROM at the START of your recording
-A minimum of 1 MINUTE
-E-mail to [email protected] (we recommend using google drive or dropbox and sending the link due to large file sizes!)

The BBXINT Team:
T-Pot/Chris Potter: CEO & Founder of Beatbox International (Ipswich, England)
Puls8/Parth Malkan: Marketing Director/Sound Design (London, England)
Justin/Justin Tan: International Representative (Kajang, Malaysia)
ResQ/Casper Tikka: Graphic Designer (Espoo, Finland)

Beatbox International was founded in 2015 by T-Pot as a WhatsApp group to share videos from the group chat to look back on each others favourite creations, and quickly grew into a channel that became dedicated to showcasing videos from talented beatboxers across the globe.
At the UK Beatbox Championships 2015, Puls8 & T-Pot met for the first time, and quickly began a long friendship – teaming up and working together to create and push high quality videos in the UK, whilst still promoting talent self-submitted videos from beatboxers around the world,
this saw BBXINT grow into a large, friendly community dedicated to learning from each other and becoming a member of more than just a group chat.
By miracle, our international respresentative; Justin Tan joined the fun – jumping in head first and sourcing videos from across Asia and making a name for himself as a relaxed, motivated & high intelligent beatboxer; helping Beatbox International push their goal of promoting worldwide talent.
At the start 2017, ResQ joined Beatbox International’s team as a graphic designer – designing new & creative banners, graphics and our incredible intro & outro videos! ResQ has an amazingly creative eye and has given Beatbox International that professional look we’ve all grown to love.
And of course, without YOUR submissions, hard practice, amazing skill and dedication to beatboxing, Beatbox International wouldn’t exist! YOU are the cause and a part of all of this, whether you’re a beginner or a professional! Keep practicing, liking, sharing & subscribing 🙂

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